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What’s The Best Way Of Flirting With A Girl?

Man Flirting With An Attractive Woman

Flirting is the act of wading through people artfully until you find a matching partner. It’s been around for as long as people have fancied each other and can run the gamut from subtle double entendres to obvious ogling. When it comes right down to it, flirting with a girl is fun!

Everybody flirts, it’s true, but how you do it can directly affect your chances of getting the girl of your dreams. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways of flirting with a girl.

Here are a few tried-and-true methods to help you up your game and be regarded as a catch by many of the women around you. Need more advanced techniques? Then, be sure to check out this review of the Girlfriend Activation System.

1. Increase Your Propinquity

You’d be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of this 10 dollar word before, but propinquity is one of the main factors that leads to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between two people.

Propinquity basically means if you want her to feel close to you, then you have to stay closer to her yourself and form an initial bond that way. Find out what circles she frequents and see if you can join in as well.

2. Be Genuine

Fake flirting is anything but sexy and can be seen from a mile away. No matter what you’ve read in magazines or on the Internet, you can’t just become someone you’re not. So save the raunchy jokes unless you’ve got enough confidence in your delivery to make them work.

There’s all kinds of flirting personas you can assume, and you’re bound to find something you can relate to. A general rule of thumb is to stick with the sense of humor you already have, talk about your real interests, and say things you actually mean.

3. Be Aware Of Your Body Language

It’s easy to forget your posture and presence often say more about you than what actually comes out of your mouth. Strive for a position that allows you to be both casual and confident at the same time.

Leaning across a wall or simply relaxing your shoulders and elbows can positively influence the way you’re perceived by the opposite sex. Also, always remember not to avert your eyes when engaged in a dialogue with someone. You don’t have to keep staring maniacally either (you’re free to glance away from time to time), but your focus should primarily lie on the woman you’re trying to seduce.

4. Cross The “Touch Barrier”

Flirting isn’t all about words. In fact, the best way to flirt with a girl and make some real headway in the connection you have with her involves progressing to direct contact.

Quick brushes against her body as well as light taps on her shoulder and arm are generally recommended at this stage. Even just getting physically closer without actively touching can send signals you’re ready to advance to the next level of intimacy.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Spice Things Up A Little

By now, most women have become weary of traditional pick-ups lines and other clichéd behavior, so it always pays to inject your own personality into your interactions with women. Every person has something distinctive to offer, and you should give her access to your own brand of uniqueness in order for her to grow fond of the real you.

That’s really all it takes to become good at flirting with a girl. If you find yourself in circumstances that allow flirtatious behavior, then by all means feel free to practice your game until you get it right. Flirting is just about the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off, so remember to enjoy the process as you go along.

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